PG Diploma Courses in Canada

Canada has become a preferred destination for PG certification courses in management specialisations like provide chain management, touristry and building management, etc. moreover has two years of PG certification courses in Mechanical, Computer Science and Engineering. the standard fees of PG certification courses in Canada vary from 15,164 CAD (9 lakhs INR) to -61,200 CAD (36 lakhs INR). Here in this article, we will learn the complete details about the PG Diploma Courses in Canada. All the candidates who are interested must check the well-explained article below:

PG Diploma Courses in Canada:

A postgraduate degree is a crucial addition to your Educational qualifications because it does not solely help you gain advanced information but conjointly provides a platform for ability development. With the exception of the normal Master’s programs, institutes across the globe, together with that in Canada, provide one-year or two years PG Diploma courses in Canada for college students belonging to different streams. So, if you would like to study in Canada, notably, two years of PG certificate courses, then here is the blog which will shed light-weight on the same.

PG Diploma Courses in Canada

After finishing your Undergraduate studies, you’ll pursue a postgraduate certification in Canada, which may assist you to improve your work prospects in Canada. If registered during a regular PG certification programme, you may be eligible for an annual post-study work visa. Immigrating to Canada is an alternative choice out there to overseas candidates following biennial PG certification programmes. further CRS points are attained by getting a PR for Canada once finishing your 2-year PG certification and are placed.

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Why Pursue PG Diploma Courses in Canada?

When it involves following PGDM in Canada, there are sure benefits compared to different countries. Here are some reasons mentioned below:

  • The two-year PG certification course in Canada is structured for additional intensive studies.
  • There are opportunities for internships and summer abroad programs.
  • These courses are best fitted to those having work expertise of 0-2 years.
  • The benefits of following a 2-year PG certification course embrace most 12-18 months of learning at lesser prices,
  • The selection you create depends majorly on your short and long-run goals.

Value of PG Certification in Canada:

Short courses in Canada, like PG Diplomas and certificates, permit students to realize trade expertise while they study. the subsequent are a number of the foremost compelling reasons to pursue a PG Diploma Course in Canada:

  • PG Diplomas are additional career-oriented programs that specialize in helping students in gaining the talents required in trade and enterprises.
  • In Canada, PG certification courses permit you to intern while you study, and you’ll then apply for jobs.
  • In Canada, PG certification establishments are well more cost-effective than universities. one of the foremost important benefits of PG certification courses is the cost-effectiveness of schooling overseas.
  • PGDM programs have a larger stress on career-oriented education instead on research-based education.

One or Two years’ Diplomas?

One-year PG certification in Canada: annual graduate diplomas together with 2-3 semesters that value around 6.18-9.28 lakhs. Annual PG Diploma courses in Canada give you essential skills to reinforce your employability probabilities within the chosen field.

Two-Year PG certification in Canada: Comprising 4-6 semesters, a 2-year PG Diploma Course in Canada will value around 7-11 lakhs Bureau of Intelligence and Research. you’ll conjointly mix 2 annual PGDMs and create your own biennial PG certification program. the most important advantage of choosing a 2-year PG certification course in Canada is that biennial study courses give you with a three-year work-keep-back possibility.

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List of Best Post-Graduate Diploma courses in Canada

Some of the foremost widespread PG Diploma courses in Canada among international students are which is pursued by most of the students. Here are the details:

  • Accounting: A PG certification in accounting prices around Rs. ten lakhs and therefore the entry necessities are less rigorous than MAcc in Canada.
  • Business Management: An knowledge base program centred on technology and business. It is priced at around Rs. eight lakhs or additional. this is often abundant but the price of doing a Master’s in Business Analytics in Canada.
  • Finance: A degree in finance covers the fundamentals of business and monetary coming up with. The program is priced at around Rs. 13 lakhs.
  • Global Business Management: Global/International Business Management courses in some Canadian faculties value around Rs. nine lakhs and are completely out there to international students.
  • Human Resource Management: In contrast to an associate degree or master’s degree in Canada (HR specialization), a PG certification in HRM trains you to handle resources and make dependent work surroundings.
  • Marketing: PG Diploma Courses in Canada in Marketing focus on research skills and offer career opportunities within the company world. The program is priced at around Rs. 9 lakhs.
  • Operations Management: out there as associate degree annual course cost accounting around ten lakhs and on top of. The program focuses on the techno-managerial necessities of production and therefore the service sector.
  • Project Management: there are a good variety of project management courses out there in Canada. The PG Diploma Courses in Canada in Project Management prices around Rs. 10 lakhs.
  • Supply Chain Management: Understanding of production flow is learned through PG certification in SCM. The program is priced at around Rs. 9 lakhs.

Required Eligibility Criteria to get Admission:

Getting admission to the PG Diploma Courses in Canada doesn’t need international students to meet complicated necessities. in contrast to masters in Canada, you’ll apply for a certification course even once a three-year bachelor’s degree. a number of the vital eligibility necessities for following PG certification in Canada are:

  • An Undergraduate degree in a relevant subject with a minimum of 60% or additional combination marks.
  • Some courses in business administration, management, marketing, etc might need you to own work expertise of two years.
  • English Language Proficiency: International candidates should have IELTS/TOEFL.

The admission method for certification programs in Canada is very versatile. The documents needed for stepping into PG Diploma programs are:

  • Transcripts of Previous Education
  • Study permit
  • SOP for PG Diploma Courses in Canada
  • LOR
  • Proof of finances etc.

Top Colleges in Canada for Diploma Programs:

Here is the list of some colleges for PG Diploma Courses in Canada. Each Institute mentioned below offers various courses. Here we have mentioned the name of the courses that each college has expertise in along with their fee structure for that particular course. You still have the option to opt for the different courses in any of these mentioned colleges below.

CollegePopular ProgramsFees (CAD/Year)
Algonquin CollegePG Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communications Management15,517
Centennial CollegePG Diploma in Biotechnology – Advanced15,700
Confederation CollegePG Diploma in Business Administration-Accounting12,890
Durham CollegePG Diploma in Accounting – Business12895
Dawson CollegePG Diploma in Computer Science Technology16,362
Fanshawe CollegePG Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology9,586
Fleming CollegePG Diploma Business Administration17,355
George Brown CollegePG Diploma Computer Programming and Analysis21,980
Humber CollegePG Diploma Computer Engineering Technology16,362
Sheridan CollegePG Diploma Chemical Engineering Technology17,354
Sault CollegePG Diploma Computer Programming and Analysis15,370
Seneca College (Newnham Campus)PG Diploma Accounting and Finance12,561
Mohawk CollegePG Diploma Mechanical Engineering Technology15,370
North Island College (Comox Valley)PG Diploma Global Tourism and Hospitality Management13,550
Luther CollegePG Diploma Computer Science21,320
St. Lawrence CollegePG Advertising and Marketing Communications19,172
Niagara CollegePG Diploma Computer Programming and Analysis13,717
Nova Scotia Community CollegePG Diploma Human Resource Management13,552
Lambton CollegePG Diploma Computer Science14,050
St. Clair CollegePG Diploma Business Administration – Finance12,561

Note: We are not promoting any college here, the names have been shared just to help the students. Make sure to choose the college accordingly which has the expertise in your selected courses. This makes it easy to make a career after the completion of the course as reputed colleges conduct college placement drives before the final semesters.

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PG Diploma Courses in Canada with Scholarships:

Some of the universities giving PG Diploma courses in Canada conjointly offer scholarships to international students. Listed below are widespread scholarships to review in Canada whereas following PG certification courses:

International in Canada Scholarship offered by Niagara faculty to international students holding a study allows admission with one in all their courses. It awards 2000 CAD to scholars.

  • Paul Foundation Scholarships: Paul Foundation scholarships are out there to all or any Indian students reaching to study abroad. The recipients are offered monetary help of around 26,900 CAD.
  • Fork-tip ladies Innovation Scholarships: Offered to ladies who would like to review abroad. The grant offers 2000 CAD.
  • Brokerfish International Student Scholarships: These are awarded to assist students in cowl their insurance expenses. The award quantity is 1300 CAD.

Jobs after the completion of the Diploma Courses:

As PG certification courses in Canada are extremely career-oriented, it is assumed that finding employment once PG Diploma Courses in Canada isn’t troublesome. PG Diplomas in Canada not solely prepare you for the roles at intervals in the country but conjointly make sure that you’re able to work with the world marketplace.

Depending on the course you choose you’ll get into the relative fields and earn handsome salaries. supported the arena and job role nonheritable by a student, the salaries for a freshman once PG certification will vary from 35,000 CAD to 50,000 CAD.

Salary Offered in Canada:

After the completion of the Diploma Courses in Canada and gets a handsome salary if has a year or more experience in the selected field. Here are some top job positions along with their salary structure.

Job RoleAvg. Salaries (CAD/year)
Graphic Designer42,000
Marketing Specialist45,000
HR Manager80,000
Executive Assistant54,000
Accounts Manager44,000
QA Technician37,000
Project Manager (IT)94,000
Programmer Analyst61,000

Once you gain expertise of 2-3 years, you’ll conjointly apply for PR and settle at intervals in the country. If you want to manoeuvre back to your home country, the duty opportunities for a far-off graduate with some expertise are banging within the Indian market. Make sure to choose the right college for the Diploma Courses in Canada and get a better education and more practical exposure to the course. It is not that tough to make a better career after the completion of the course.

FAQs For PG Diploma Courses in Canada

Can I get PR after my PG Diploma in Canada?

Yes. it’s noticeable potential that you simply might attain a PR in Canada once you complete a 2- year PG Diploma course within the country. Whereas applying for a PR when obtaining a placement through your PGD course can fetch you some additional CRS points owing to your Canadian education.

What is the scope of the PG Diploma in Canada?

Canada may be a land of opportunities. Ball-hawking professionals with honourable instructional qualifications like PG Diploma are forever in dire would like of employers. Also, you’ll get an opportunity to participate in various job fairs throughout your course that will increase the possibilities of securing an honest job picking following two years PG Diploma in Canada an honest choice!

How much will a Diploma cost in Canada?

A PG Diploma in Canada in outstanding fields like Business, Healthcare, Technology, Finance etc can value you around CAD 18,000- 20,000 (INR 10-11.5 lakhs) from a number one establishment.

Is a PG Diploma worth it in Canada?

Canada has forever been among the highest study-abroad destinations. Quality education, Career and analysis opportunities, professional college, and simple accommodation. The two years PG Diploma courses are designed to administer the most data and higher job opportunities.

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